I didn’t intend this thing to be a linktumbleblog mess. So I am trying to  mess around and post something. 

This had me thinking all day. Bomani Jones brought up some interesting points about the makeup therof: 

However, it does appear that sports blogging isn’t perceived as being as amorphous as blogs you see in other areas. I don’t get the feeling there’s an overarching, preconceived notion of what a politics or music blog should be. In sports, right or wrong, people think they know what a blog is. Mainstream sportswriters often use “blogger” pejoratively. Readers, informed or not, tend to have an expectation that a blog must be either snarky or hyperintellectual, centered around diction and topicality that is, for lack of a better term, white.

I half-ass these things. The various blogs and outlets and things I do on the internet are just means of expressing myself while also being the control freak that I am. It has served me well and made me some friends in some cases. 

Every once in a while I get the itch to do something more than just ramble on into the white space that is my blog editor. I am narcissistic enough to believe that aside from the gobs of time and quality required to build an audience, it is not impossible to do so while being brown. 

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