It is pretty cliché to rail against this day, huh? Yeah. I don’t treat it as a big event. I don’t mind do things up for the sake of doing something. When you really examine any holiday it is easy to conclude that the contents are comprised largely of bullshit. 

I’m not averse to indulging in some bullshit if it is fun. You maybe could call me a fun-loving kind of guy. 

I will admit to some dislike of the constant expectations of the day. It doesn’t come from the wife. Nah. It comes from the office chicks. 

Let me clarify. 

I’ve been in San Antonio for about a little over six months. I work in an office. It is largely comprised of women. For whatever reason. Having worked in an office of 95% dudes and now 95% women I have this to say: both sexes are pretty damn annoying. We guys can be boorish, sexist, dirty, creepy, pig-headed, and over-competitive. Them girls can be petty, bitchy, back-stabbing, gossipy, and emotional. 

Working with a bunch of bros meant that conversation tended toward sports, money, and chicks. Now it tends towards relationships and man-bashing. 

This is in no way any kind of scientific. It just has been my experience in DFW and then SA. 

So, back to the topic. 

These chicks are consistently man-bashing and complaining and asking me – damn near testing me – about Valentines Day. 

The problem here is that me and the woman don’t really feel the need to do up Valentines if it isn’t in the cards. We place much more importance on anniversaries and birthdays and the like. It is just how we do things. We have no problem with that arrangement. If it in the cards we might do it up a little – but we don’t force things. 

Today is the day. It is a Tuesday. After being bombarded with questions about my plans today, and despite my best efforts to not be a generic reactionary kind of guy, I find it hard not to just chill and watch On Demand movies. 

So far it is pretty awesome. 

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