June 2012 marks the two-year mark from when I decided I was going to finally join the millions and embrace fútbol, yo. I have, and it has been awesome. Summers used to be spent longing for NFL, and later college football. Now, there is plenty of sporting goodness to divert me from life’s meaninglessness (that’s a joke. Probably.)

Like many soccerphiles, I go about my day evangelizing the sport, espousing its virtues and defending its flaws. It is something I’m kind of used to. I do the same thing with basketball, rock (to hip-hop only types), hip-hop ( to country and rock only types) college football (to NFL Only types), MLS (to euro snobs) and sometimes even sports (to lames). Eventually they’ll come around. When the sport becomes more popular here, people will eventually get around to at least tolerating it. It is human nature, yo. 

I am just glad that I can watch Messi, LeBron, and I guess Tom Brady do awesome things and appreciate them fully where others only have one. I can’t make you not ignore cool things, man. 


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