I got another request about podcast set up today. It spurred me to finally get around to posting a kind of How-To. It took a lot of playing around and a lot of googling. I am grateful to the Internet for all that I picked up. Of importance: this set up assumes you want to record your guest via Skype (works with Google Hangouts, too) on a track (for editing later) and record yourself on a different track.

To pay it forward, here is how I do it for everything on Josephine Street Podcasts, which includes Cooler Chronicles Podcast, Mean Green Nation, Dapper Dialogue, and of course Deranged Pengwin.


To record on my iMac I use GarageBand, LineIN and Soundflower a mic (any will do, but I use Samson Meteor Mic) and some headphones.

Set up

Open Line In – Input is your mic. Output is Soundflower (16ch). Then Select > Advanced >Change left to 3 and right to 4.

In GarageBand change the input to be Soundflower (16ch). Output is default, or whatever. (I have it go to my Samson mic and listen via that. You can choose the default output. Whichever you choose I recommend using headphones.)

You’ll want two tracks. The first change the input source to be soundflower stereo ½. The second (you) will be soundflower (¾)

In Skype, you’ll want the input to be your (Samson) mic, and the output to be soundflower(16ch). This will enable the guest to go to GarageBand and for you to record it.

In GarageBand you want to have your guest ( input ½ because that is the default setting) have the monitoring ’on(no feedback protection).

For your track you want the input source to be stereo ¾ (soundflower 16ch) and monitoring ’off

Questions? Let me know here or send a q to the podcast (at) derangedpengwin (dot) com.

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