The weekend is for coding y'all. In my case, it is for jiggering with the podcast pages for the fledgeling network I have had little time to nurture: Josephine Street Podcasts.1 Being the lazy guy that I am I made sure I don’t need to double post when I post a new show of Deranged Pengwin or Cooler Chronicles. And I did. You can find links to all the recent shows we’ve done on all four podcasts. The rest can be found on the individual sites.

The other part of the day was spent making sure Deranged Pengwin 2 looks pretty.

Y'all take a look, let me know what you think. Especially all you phantom listeners out there.

New Shows

Podcasting is at the same stage that blogging was circa 2005. Everyone is getting in on it. Every comedian you know or every have heard has a show, is planning a show, or has been on Marc Meron’s show. Every wanna-be Jim Rome with #HotSportsTakes is filling up hard drives with recycled ESPN takes too.

I am no different from these people. In fact, the next show in the works is a World Cup one.

Incisive Pass. Coming Soon.

Watch this space,

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