In 2013 as the Miami Heat desperately attempted to mount a comeback against the Spurs with seconds ticking down, they managed to tie it thanks to the most famous shot of the last few years. I felt devastated but hopeful. There was still overtime, and failing that, there was still Game 7– albeit in Miami.

Before the series, if you offered me this scenario I’d have gladly taken it. Still, it hurt to be so close to glory. So close to a championship and have it snatched away at the death.

And so it is again in this 2014 World Cup. In this case glory is a berth in the knockout round. The game 7 is instead a match with Germany on Thursday. Instead of home court advantage, the Germans have an extra day of rest combined with not having played in a jungle.

The US played the best World Cup game I’ve ever seen them play. Even the wins against Portugal and Mexico in 2002 weren’t this awesome. And yet, this wasn’t as good because the result wasn’t as good. I am excited and sad at the same time. Hopeful and scared at the same time.

I cannot wait for Thursday.

I love this World Cup

Listen to me and internet friend @smalltimesports talk about this and the rest of the World Cup here.

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