Hey guys.

I’ve been doing things on the internet when I probably could have been focusing on grad school readings and paper-writngs and research.

But you know how that goes.

Here are a few of the things I have for ya:

Mean Green Nation

There’s a solo podcast recapping the win over FAU, a quick write-up and a blurb in Greg’s stat aggregating Breakdown. If I have time, I want to add a recap of the soccer match today

Josephine Street Podcasts

Speaking of podcasts, they can all be found here. MGN and Deranged Pengwin are the most-frequently updated. People actually look forward to those shows. I know it. I’ve been told as much to my face.

Here is a link to the latest Deranged Pengwin, in which we decide if we think Lena Dunham is a perv.

Spurious Basketball

Finally, here is yet-another-Spurs blog. I figure since this very well may be the last year of The Tim I might as well thoroughly enjoy it. I used to helm for Air Alamo a while back before I decided I dislike Fansided. School has gotten in my way so I figured a nice little Tumblr would be all I need to document my Spurs thoughts. There might be a contributor or two joining me.

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