Hello ladies and gentleman.

I’ve done some things on the internet this week.

Spurs Talk

Spurious Basketball

The season is still just getting started and so is the blog. This week I recapped the 7-4 Spurs and discussed Kobe as the Joker to Tim’s Batman.


Deranged Pengwin 109

In which we discussed the perils of Egg Nog for the lactose intolerant, previewed Thanksgiving, and made sideline reporter jokes.

The Gonzo In SA Show

Sure, it wasn’t exactly a fill-in. You won’t find the show on their podcast feed, but you can listen to two hours of me discussing local sports, bringing in my friends and previewing the Scorpions game (they won).

Mean Green Nation 36

Greg Goedecker and I discussed the end of UNT’s bowl hopes, basketball, and soccer.

Cooler Chronicles 59

Jared and I discuss the UTSA plight and previewed the game (long past) against Southern Miss.

Beat Writer Feud

Mean Green Nation: Put it in Context

I have a reaction to the reaction to my original post complaining about the state of UNT journalism. Sort of.

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