I like going to Scorpions games. It is a nice change of pace from big time professional sports games. Aside from Hartman’s people doing their best job to ape the very worst of Spurs games, they still are fun.

The Scorpions had a championship hangover. Chris Duel shrieked his way through the opening ceremonies as the team looked back once more on last season’s highlights.

Then they came out and got beat on a set piece, allowed an attacking move to open them up, and later gave the ball away and allowed former Red Bull Cory Hertzog to finish them off.

The good news is that Marvin Chavez still is fast. He looks to be a capable replacement for Walter Restrepo. Omar Cummings scored his first San Antonio goal but didn’t get to celebrate it given the circumstances. He looks likely to score more than Target Man extraordinaire Eric Hassli. He plays his role well, and has still has the skills of a guy that once played in MLS, but he still has the figure of a man who now can’t play 90 in NASL.

We joked about it in the stands and I kind of felt bad.

Then I had another beer and finished my nachos.

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