I have rebooted SA Review and the slightly related Spurious Basketball. They share a domain name, but that is 95% because I did not want to renew yet another domain.

So they live on new servers and on new CMS software. I chose Ghost because I appreciate a simple writing experience. It is like writing in Medium without the subsuming of your personality.

We have so much choice in the realm of Content Management Systems, as Gina Trapani put it in her post a couple of days ago. Wordpress is still a great one, but ironically it is much to complex of a set up for a simple blog.

"SA Review Screen Shot"

SA Review as of today

Reviews are a bit stupid. Everyone has done everything and life would not be interesting if we simply took all those people’s word on whatever it is you would like to do.

Reviews are a bit useful. There is so much to do and only so much time in which to do it. So we make choices based on what others have said.

If SAR has a ethos it is the above together. A humorous review of SA as I (and friends) live it.

"Spurious Basketball Screen Shot"

Spurious Basketball

Everyone is a clever basketblogger. At its worst, it is hipster-written privilege disguised as overly precious takes on popular culture. That is to say, it can be self-important.

I do not want to be self-important. Spurs blogging should be fun, it should be intersting, but should not be overly serious. That is, we do not to find the truth of basketball and life by following these guys for 82+ games.

Come for the Spurs talk, stay for the conversation.