A good amount of bad corporate relations can be summated as being disrespectful to the people it engages. Long wait times are disrespectful of your time. Self-serve kiosks can be both disrespectful of your time and also a help – but it sure can feel like you are putting me to work, which makes me feel disrespected.

Heather White in Real Life Mag writes about when brands are disrespectful of your choices.

Perhaps this negging is the marketer’s stab at the comedian’s “punching up.” The “joke” smuggles in the premise that consumer choice is a kind of sovereign power, and positions brands as the scrappy underdogs speaking truth to it. But consumers don’t actually have that much power. Though we’re framed as tyrants, we can’t really punish Derrick, or deny a dog a walk. Eventbrite didn’t even let me cancel when I wanted to: I had to make numerous weekly unsubscribe attempts before I finally stopped receiving its promotions.