Texas Governor Greg Abbott is going to open up Texas for business against the advice of his own expert advisors. R.G. Ratcliffe of Texas Monthly lays it out in this article from two days ago. It is silly. It is reckless. It also makes sense given the pressurs of the Republican governor in a Republican state. Abbott risks the ire of Donald Trump, which can be withering and put Abbott in a position of being seen as disloyal. Trump has remade the GOP to dance to his every criticism.

Party politics aside, there is also the larger pressure whereby angering the President, Abbott risks putting federal funds at risk the way NY’s Cuomo did by not flattering Donnie Trump. It is disgusting but also a factor to consider. My gut tells me that Abbott is really only thinking of his major donors and the big wigs whispering – yelling? – in his ear about their pocketbooks.

The lives of Texans are not a big concern for him, no matter what he says. What he is doing is putting us all at risk for some short-term shine and appeasing his deep-pocketed constituents.

That said, there is a contingent that believes the social-distancing measures are too restrictive and they are putting us all at risk. They do not run the state, however.

There is no decision that will please everyone but that is part of the gig. Generally speaking, the GOP does a better job of only one aspect of public service: keeping the economy running for the most wealthy and powerful. Public health and safety and the economic welfare of everyone is the duty.