Netflix analyzies my watch history and is recommending some things for me to watch. Let us use this opportunity to review.


Um. No. This is supposed to be like a Comedy Central Presents replacement and I do not remember much in the way of memorable laughs.



I love this movie. It is not particularly good, in that it isn’t especially well-acted, or even a new take or anything. It is Jackie Chan doing Jackie Chan type things. There is a terrible accent in here and it is by a former Bond. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. At the accent.


The Other Guys

If this movie were released when I was maybe 18-22 I would have enjoyed it more. Instead, I was pretty much over the standard Will Ferrell and Mark Whalberg shtick. I have made it through approximately 10 minutes of this before being pulled away by, like, anything else.


Random Recommendations

From top left and left-to-right on each row:

  1. Don’t Look Up: I have heard good (and bad) things about this but I am still not a fan of whats-her-face since Silver Liniings Playbook and really am not excited about anything in this one.
  2. Aziz: I thought his ‘cancellation’ was a little unfair given what I read about the circumstances, and I have always disliked his comedy. Going through that episode might have made him funnier, though so I might give this a a shot.
  3. Queer Eye: I do not seek out makeover shows and this is really not in my wheelhouse. You may wonder why it is on the top picks for me, and that is because my wife and I share this account profile.
  4. Murderville: I like Will Arnett but I am not excited about an unscripted murder-of-the-week with celebrities. Those are always hit-or-miss (the unscripted things) and usually only the very good ones make it worthwhile.
  5. The woman ..: The reviews I read were that his parody did not remember it was supposed to be parodying something and I am out on this.
  6. Inventing Anna: Nah.
  7. The Tinder Swindler: Nah
  8. Emily In Paris: Nah
  9. Stay Close: Nah.


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