Every generation is called selfish, and/or naive and it seems the latest one is no exception to this rule. For me and my cynicism, I see grifters grifting, as they have always been. I do not quite understand the idea behind dreaming of starting and running a non-profit, but I have encountered a few peers that had this dream whil in grad school (public policy) and well, after seeing the kind of grift that can happen I see why.

I have a lefty slant, in that I am skeptical of big business, and really I am skeptical of power structures in general. I have felt the corrupting power of the position: I was a school crossing guard and I can only imagine the havoc I could have wreaked as a cop. It is dangerous.

Beyond that, I believe everyone is spoiled rotten and selfish. It does not surprise me that activism is really just organized self-interest, nor does it surprise me that people are taking advantage of line workers who actually are true-belivers. It does not surprise me that some line-workers are more interested in their own economic benefit that whatever the work is.

I have worked at a non-profit, and have seen first hand the cynicism, self-centered views, and careerism in the name of ‘the people’. This is just people stuff, y’all.