Already much has been written on the debacle that was the USMNT performance in Trinidad last night. Bruce Arena’s squad came out lifeless and therefore all but deserved to be eliminated.

Count me among those who consider this to be a blessing in disguise.

While the similarities to the last Mexico cycle are there, there is not telling whether a near scare would have been enough to spark the team.

This is gutting for Christian Pulisic but the nature of the sport – now, it will be a 48-team tourney soon – is that some really good players do not get to play on the biggest stage. Last cycle there was not Ibrahimovic. This cycle will be missing Alexis Sanchez.

This is the game.

This is why you give everything no matter the likelihood of other outcomes. The USMNT had destiny in their hands and they dropped it out of carelessness.

That Panama had an undeserved goal is only more reason to not half-ass the game vs Trinidad & Tobago’s B-team. Why put things in the hand of CONCACAF officials? Why risk it?

The US will take a hit for this but it presents and opportunity. While I want everyone currently associated with the program to go, I do believe that anyone can see the light. Even US Soccer.