The thing about the United States is that we are just happy to be here, doing the thing. Well, at least some of us. Fox Soccer’s coverage of the game might as well tell you that the point of the game is to put the ball in the back of the net. The sophisitcation the rest of the world sees and enjoys about this game is nowhere to be seen on television.

Berhalter is the coach, and is in negotiations to continue. I never liked the dude, and I don’t see why the USMNT should continue after barely making it out of the group or squeaking by in qualifying.

There is a relationship with MLS and SUM (still) that lingers, but just as the stars of this squad have shone brightest because of their experience with the top of the game, so will the squad be better with a better coach.

Tata Martino flamed out in Mexico, but the Federation there is a big mess by itself. Martino has won in the United States (with Atlanta), and he is just one guy that would be a better, bolder choice.

Think bigger. Think beyond a guy who was outcoached – not out talented – by the Netherlands. The US can build an identity beyond sitting and countering. I want to see exciting football, not defensive, effortful scrapes.

Sure, we held England to zero – but they did the same here.

Please, do not make me root for a Berhalter-managed team again. Please!