New Brackenridge Park Proposal

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Mark Reagan at the Current has the latest on the discussion of the Brackenridge Master Plan. As with any public space, the discussion hinges on how amenable the changes will be to the poorest and most frail among us.

Some opponents said centralized parking would force working class families away from the park and others complained about road closures adversely effecting the elderly.

Considering that I am youngish, able-bodied, and not (very) poor, I hadn’t considered the impact of centralized parking.

The grand entrance would be near the San Antonio Zoo, and the current parking lot there would turn into a “grand lawn.” To make up for the loss in parking, the City wants to build parking garages.

While public meetings can turn into bitch-fests, they are good for precisely this reason. When you get a collection of like-minded people who have very similar situations, it is easy to omit certain use cases.

Anyone who couldn’t attend the meetings can tell the City what they think via email at or via mail sent to the Parks and Recreation Department labeled Brackenridge Park Master Plan at PO BOX 839966, San Antonio, TX 78283-3966.