North Texas football just might be the worst team in the nation, right now. That is disappointing without context, sure, but it is even more disappointing considering Dan McCarney, formerly of Iowa and Florida and most famously of Iowa State 1 was supposed to erase that “worst program evar” label from our organizational forehead.

Instead, he has complained, ranted, and – most worryingly – lost.

Firing the man who presided over the best I’ve ever seen the NT program is hard. I now see why and how so many defended Darrell Dickey when he reached the end of his tenure. Ol’ double-d took North Texas to consecutive Bowl games 2. Danny Mac took NT to the only bowl game I’ve seen them in in my tenure as a student/fan/follower.

Still, without much information outside of performance – and isn’t that all we care about really? – we can’t put much in Dan McCarney’s FOR column. 2013 aside, he has had a losing record in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015. This year he has put out an embarrasing team for we fans to “enjoy”.

Again, they quite possibly are the worst team in the nation.

I haven’t had the opportunity to dig into the subject with any depth or insight because of school and work obligations 3

I have, however, recapped and podcasted about the situation:

  1. Think Seneca Wallace 

  2. The circumstances under which he did this were very different than the ones college football presents us today. I’ll leave the argument whether his accomplishments are great or no unaddressed. 

  3. Excuses