March Madness is coming up and my alama mater is very good right now. That is inspiring some blogging, and podcasting.

Rooting for a mid-major is a bit strange, in that while I hold out some small hope that the team will advance deep into the NCAA tournament, I also know that it requires some hope. I suppose there is some dream that my favorite team can turn into a Gonzaga eventually. I was a kid when the Zags were a plucky team with a funny name, but now rule over college basketball1

Last year North Texas won the league tournament and while it was thrilling, I wasn’t there to see it in person. Covid and what not. This season, for good or bad, the family will be in Frisco, TX for the week. Crosses fingers

to things I read or remembered I read or liked

  • Big Tent – About Democrats not seizing the chance to win, and playing to not lose, which is basically playing to lose.

    The way I’d put it is that the most important division in Dem politics isn’t left vs. center—it’s partisan and procedural boldness vs. timidity. I really think, and have for a long time, that the party’s internal problems would become much less salient if they were regularly winning fights against Republicans, big ones and small ones, instead of avoiding them or conceding them or fighting them reluctantly, but only after tying their own shoelaces together first

  • Crime Reads – about the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, the original one. I’ve seen the remake but this made me think of watching the old one

    If this sounds like a perfect movie, it’s because it is. The gambit is tight and follows a set of rules: the hijackers’ plan is simple, but can be thrown out of whack by the behavior of the many participants.

  • Collective Soul – live at the print shop. I found myself watching videos of a band that I know very little about outside of ‘Shine’

to things I did

  1. yes I know they have not won a title but still.